Monday, 4 January 2010

Dior Bag for Sale

NOTE: This bag dah kena Jual .. *sob* *sob*

I ada beli this Dior bag to match the shoes that I have bought. Dah syiok2 beli, I pun nak lah pakai. I wore it once and it was a bright and sunny day. Suddenly Mozard cakap .. "B .. the handle tu kulit babi lah?" I was like WTF!!!! Seriously???? I tak pulak belek gila2 the bag masa beli tu. Never thought Dior would use kulit babi!! uurrggghhhh!!!! Geram nak mati ok!!!! The tiga lubang tu was soo tiny .. kalau tak under bright conditions memang tak nampak. Anak babi kot! uurrgghhh!!!


Anyways, due to that fact, I am going to sell the bag. Mana lah tau ada some of my readers ni bukan muslim and suka handbags. I want to sell this bag for 280 quid or RM 1600 ! I have only used it once.


Again .. the patent leather is fine, its the handle and the inside that is made of pig skin. Act fast because I nak letak this bag kat EBAY tomorrow. yes! its too soon and too sudden. I have been procrastinating so much .. sheesh biasalah I ni!

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