Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bags for SALE!!

Okies .. my guilt has consumed me!!! I have to sell some things of mine! I am going to sell 4 bags. SeEEDIIiihhhHHHHhNNNyyyYYYEeeee!!!

Oh well .. I want to upgrade a little bit, so to do so ... I have to let go! I can't go around purchasing things without thinking anymore. As much as I love them, I have to let it go. Isk! I hope whomever that purchase these bags takes good care of them like I do and love them with all your heart!

Yeah yeah! some of you can puke now! WHATEVER!!!

I love my things and trust me, I do not PART with things very well.

Enough said! The following are the bags that I want to let go. SOLD

miu miu 1

My FAVOURITE is this Miu Miu bag! for those of you yang tak sure .. Miu Miu is the sister brand for Prada. If you want to read review about this bag go to this website .. PursePage

I am not sure how popular is the bag back in Malaysia but the bag is very popular here! I bought this bag begining this year. I just love the color of the bag and the crocodile effect (I just LLOOOVVEEE crocodile effect ... kalau dapat the real thing lagi I LOOOVVEEE!).

miu miu 2

Its too big for me. But I was not thinking. OoOoOO So sedih. I could not pull off this bag because of my size.

miu miu 3

Anyways, this bag I jual for 400 quid... if in RM it will be RM 2200. I choose a 5.5 exchange rate because masa tu that was the exchange rate.

miu miu 4

miu miu 5

Sigh! dont mind my "muka beragas" look! hhahaha I have a bad cold and nak senyum pun tak larat! hahaha

The next bag is my Versace bag. I had this bag for almost a year. Mind you all my bags are in MINT condition. I take very good care of them and I rotate them soo much that they hardly seem worn.

versace 1

I realize that I have 3 black bags .. so I have to let one go. Banyak sangat dah. Melampau! So sadly I have to let it go.

versace 2

This bag I am selling for 200 quid... if in RM it will be RM 1100. Actually patut mahal sikit dari tu because of the exchange rate being higher last year. tapi malas nak fikir sangat. I have to learn to let go ... *sob*

versace 3

Then theres my Burberry bag. I purchase this bag to bawak to school .. hehe poyo tak? Anyways, Its again .. tooo big for me! I think this bag would suit someone taller better! But hey .. to each their own.


burberry 1

This bag I want to let go for 150 quid... RM 825.

burberry 2

Finally, I have this DKNY bag. Aisyioh. I tak pakai pun! Gatal tangan gi beli now tak pakai! Such a waste. I think this bag would make a good travelling bag because its light and its weather proof!! hehe!


dkny 1

This bag I am selling for 70 quid ... RM 385.

dkny 2

dkny 3

Okies dokies. That's it really. Bags yang lain tu .. I terlalu sayang nak let go! I dok go through all the bags one by one. Kalau ikutkan hati satu pun I do not want to let go. But I must! I will not let greed consume me!

So sapa nak tell me okies. I am coming back in July. So sapa nak I bawak balik. Kalau takde I jual on ebay :D ... just thought to give chance to you all first before I jual kat ebay :D

If you want more photos of the bag .. just ask nanti I tangkap the angle that you want okies?

Sales Blog

Hmmmm ... I never thought I would open a sales blog. Trust me .. I am not a very enterprising person. Too straight forward to do business. Too lazy to calculate and re-calculate profit margins and all that. Too impatient to deal with ... well every aspects of biziness!

However, due to my guilt of over-spending on things that .. well .. unnecessary .. I have to let go some of my beloved little Treasures.

I thought .. what the hey! Just put the stuff here first, then if it does not sell, then put it on Ebay. hehe! Its more hassle free than selling on Ebay.

I will be coming back in July. So the things that you want to order, you will receive it in July. I think it would save you some money because shipping from UK is EXPENSIVE!!!

So, see what you like then email me at if you are interested in anything!!